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Essay from Ayden Esten on WNY Gas & Steam

Sep 7, 2021

Below is an Essay from one of our younger Members of WNY Gas & Steam.  Thank you so much Ayden for taking the time to write this for your Club!  


        I will be writing about how awesome the alexander steam show grounds are, Hope u enjoy it! The alexander steam show is a family fun place where u can go to the flea market and shop and even camp then at night or later in the day u can watch the tractor pullers on september 9-12 is when the show is.

      The flea market is 2 acres full of vendors and you can just shop all day and enjoy it.  mostly all the vendors are super reasonable with their prices and even some are food vendors so you can event get some snacks to take home.  all around the vendors are very nice to you.  

     The pulling track is 300 feet long and there are almost 500 tractors that pull through out the weekend and some are antique tractors and some are brand new tractors and actual pulling tractors.  even some street legal trucks and some fast non street legal trucks and even tractor trailers.  it is a very fun thing to watch.

     There is food available in the clubs food stands and in the food trucks that come in.  There are even desserts.  There is the club's ice cream and then fried desserts that are on the food trucks.  you can even buy lemonade at the lemonade stand.  you can also buy the club's clothes, hats and pins from the club store.  

     In conclusion the alexander steam show grounds is the place to go September 9-12 u can even bring the camper and the kids it is family friendly and as I said the food, vendors and the puller are all great.  I hope u enjoyed this writing and hope to maybe see u there!


Ayden Esten