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2024 Rally Flea Market | Vendor Registration

**Vendors must fill out the RSVP form and wait for approval from Tammy before submitting payment**  

If you submit payment before approval and you are not approved there will be a processing fee, at our discretion, upon payment cancellation.


Read the below info in FULL before submitting an RSVP for your Vendor Application

Sep 05 - 08, 2024
Contact Email
Contact Phone Tammy 716-880-7005
Location 10294 Gillate Rd
Alexander, NY 14005
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2024 Rally Flea Market | Vendor Registration

10294 Gillate Rd
Alexander, NY 14005

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I, as a Flea Market Vendor, have read and understand the Flea Market Rules as written.  I will abide by said rules. If I am found in violation, I agree to correct the situation in question and/or if asked to leave immediately and peacefully.  If I am requested to immediately close and vacate the site due to a violation of the rules and regulations, I understand that I will forfeit all fees paid.  I understand that each site is $80.00 ($20.00 per day) and that FULL payment is due no later than August 20th to avoid forfeiture of the site.  You must be a member of the WNY Gas & Steam Engine Association.  If not click here.  A site is not considered “reserved” until the application is approved and payment is made in full. 

Western New York Gas & Steam Engine Association, Inc. 

2024 Rally Flea Market & Swap Meet Vendor Rules

(Please note the Rules have been updated 3/2024)

No Camping Allowed In Flea Market Areas

  1. One (1) vendor per site: no subleasing of sites is allowed. (Sites are 20 ft x 30 ft)
  2. A maximum of three (3) sites may be rented per vendor.
  3. One (1) vehicle per vendor, vendor parking permit MUST be displayed in the windshield at all times.
  4. One (1) Vehicle is allowed to park on a site, any utility trailer over 20 feet is considered your vehicle.
  5. Nothing can be placed in the aisles. (Vehicle, utility trailer, tents, items for sale, etc. must be 5 feet from the site boundaries.
  7. All pets must be controlled in a cage, utility trailer, or vehicle. Copies of the animals vaccination record must be available on site.
  8. NO animal sales.
  9. NO prepared food or beverage sales.
  10. NO sales of firearms, swords, or knives with over a 4 inch blade.
  11. NO adult literature, videos, or DVD sales.
  12. NO electric available.
  13. All vendors MUST have a NYS Tax ID number.
  14. NO refunds.
  15. WNYG&SEA is not responsible for any damages or theft at anytime.
  16. Set up will begin TBD, contact 
  17. All vendors/workers MUST be members of WNYG&SEA.
  18. Sites are sold at the 4 day rate only.
  19. Please plan to remain on the grounds and open until 4 pm on Sunday.
  20. All sites will be inspected by Flea Market Personnel before checkout. Sites that are not cleaned up will result in the vendor not being allowed to return next year.
  21. Carry in Carry out rules apply. If you haul it in, you haul it out. NO DUMPING! The cost of dumping tires and electronics will result in higher cost to all vendors. Help us control the costs.
  22. Offsite Medical Emergency Contacts must be on file with Flea Market personnel.
  23. All vendors must have all applicable certifications and insurance.
  24. The Steam Grounds are Family Friendly - Absolutely no public displays of profanity or vulgar language.